FinLaw is comprised of a cross-functional team of compliance and legal experts with over fifty year’s combined experience in offshore financial licenses and offshore banking. Each member of our cross-border team of legal and compliance professionals brings their unique experience and perspective to each client engagement, creating tailored, holistic solutions. While other international service providers promise a turnkey service replete with boilerplate deliverables, the legal and compliance professionals of FinLaw consistently deliver best-in-class results in the banking, corporate and offshore financial license arenas. Moreover, FinLaw’s strident commitment to FinTech at the core of its mission enhances the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of each client engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FinLaw is a multi-disciplinary firm comprised of legal and compliance professionals. Our staff includes attorneys and experienced compliance and operational experts.

FinLaw offers a global reach, with a local feel. While a small majority of his clients are located within North America, FinLaw routinely partners and works with clients from across the globe – including the European Union, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

FinLaw holds established relationships with over twenty-five international banks through which we routinely open accounts on behalf of our clients.


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