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Cayman Islands Mutual Fund

The Cayman Islands is perhaps the world’s most well-developed international financial center. Offering zero tax on offshore profits, the Cayman Islands has long been a significant jurisdiction for domiciling hedge funds, mutual funds, and reinsurance companies. 


Cyprus Investment Fund Registration

Cyprus is an ideal location for promoters of asset management businesses. Cyprus offers an investment fund registration framework that covers all related securities and commodities investment strategies, including hedge funds.

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Hong Kong Asset Management License

Hong Kong is one of the largest single financial centers in the world. While not recognized as an offshore financial services center, Hong Kong remains one of the few jurisdictions in the world that levies tax on a territorial basis. 


Labuan Investment Banking License

Labuan is a federal territory of Malaysia, located on the coast of the Asian nation. Labuan is an ideal location for the formation of an offshore bank. Vanuatu offers an Investment Banking License which covers all related banking activities, including accepting deposits and issuing debit cards.


Switzerland Portfolio Management License

Switzerland is the preeminent international financial center offering many of the traditional “offshore” benefits while not being offshore at all. The only existing direct democracy in the world, Switzerland is fiercely protective of its financial services industry.

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BVI Hedge Fund Formation

The British Virgin Islands is home to over 600,000 offshore entities, making it the largest offshore destination in the world. Among these entities are some of the world’s largest and most renowned hedge funds. The BVI offers a multi-tiered fund registration structure ideal for investment vehicles of any size.

Asset Management Experts

Finlaw is comprised of a cross-functional team of compliance and legal experts with over fifty year’s combined international business experience. Each member of our cross-border team of legal and compliance professionals brings their unique experience and perspective to each client engagement, creating tailored, wholistic solutions. While other international service providers promise a turnkey service replete with boilerplate deliverables, the legal and compliance professionals of FinLaw consistently deliver best-in-class results in the banking, corporate and offshore licensing arenas. Moreover, FinLaw’s strident commitment to FinTech at the core of its mission enhances the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of each client engagement while the firm’s recognized status in the RegTech field ensures ongoing compliance for each client in even the most complex of jurisdictions.

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