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Cryptocurrency License

The Benefits of a Cryptocurrency License

In recent years, the popularity and demand for cryptocurrencies and crypto exchange platforms have boomed exponentially. Due to the massive amounts of trading volume that take place daily, starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform can be an extremely profitable business venture. A cryptocurrency license comes in handy for any company working with virtual currencies. 

Since Cryptocurrencies have become more popular, more regulations governing the industry have been enacted. The crypto landscape is not only a new market but is also constantly evolving. As such, keeping up to date with the rules in different global territories isn’t easy. There is no single step-by-step process for obtaining a cryptocurrency license – especially in different countries – so the complexity of each procedure may vary.

Before setting up a crypto exchange, it is important to understand the way crypto exchanges are regulated around the world, as well as any particular licensing requirements. Despite the fact that some countries do not require having this license, it is extremely important to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money (legal tender) and a smooth exchange process in the countries that do require the license.



Obtaining a Cryptocurrency License Gives You The Following Opportunities:

Operate a Cryptocurrency Exchange


Act as a Crypto Wallet Provider or Custodian 

Offer Crypto Payment Service Provider

Cryptocurrency License Areas of Expertise

Flag Malta

Malta Cryptocurrency License

The country plays host to a significant number of international holding companies seeking to take advantage of Malta’s favorable tax structure. While             Malta’s effective tax rates approach the EU average, a series of credits reduce the effective rate to near zero.


Japan Cryptocurrency License

Japan offers one of the world’s largest economies and stable democracies. As an industrial leader, Japan is a party to over 100 tax treaties, including a tax credit treaty with the United States.


Gibraltar Cryptocurrency License

A member of the European Union, Gibraltar is widely recognized as an international tax haven. Gibraltar is unique in that its economy is based almost entirely on its status as an offshore financial services center.


Estonia Cryptocurrency License

Estonia offers one of the most technologically advanced governments in the world, having digitized nearly every facet of government function. While not recognized as a financial center, the European Union member continues to attract a wealth of international companies to its technology hub.

Flag of Bermudajpg

Bermuda Cryptocurrency License

Bermuda is an ideal location for a cryptocurrency-based business. Bermuda offers a Digital Asset Business license which allows the holder to operate an international cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocurrency-based payment service, among other options.

Flag of the United States

United States Money Transmitter License

The United States is an ideal jurisdiction for launching a cryptocurrency exchange. Over fifty percent of the world’s cryptocurrency wealth is found in the United States. While the world’s largest economy offers a sometimes complex and uncompetitive tax structure, the size of the marketplace is difficult to ignore.


Antigua Cryptocurrency License

Antigua and Barbuda is a small island nation located in the West Indies. It has been attracting more discerning tourists with its natural assets, but it’s also emerging as an attractive business center for offshore companies looking to do work offshore.

Flag of Singapore.svg

Singapore Cryptocurrency License

As a major onshore financial services center, Singapore is widely respected and recognized. Singapore is a parliamentary republic and major financial hub in Southeast Asia. It has a highly developed free-market economy and is known worldwide for its business-friendly climate. 


New York Cryptocurrency License

Among the fifty United States, New York is the first to adopt cryptocurrency-specific license legislation. New York’s BitLicense – the first of its kind of the United States, seeks to create a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency related activities.


Switzerland Cryptocurrency License

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has taken the lead in the oversight of cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings, and hosted wallets – among other activities. As a result, many significant industry players have flocked to Switzerland to leverage its structure regulatory regime.

Flag of the United States

United States Money Service Business Registration

The United States is an ideal jurisdiction for obtaining a virtual currency license. Registering as a Money Service Business provides the holder with the ability to operate a cryptocurrency exchange, and manage hosted cryptocurrency wallets, among other activities.


Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License

The Republic of Vanuatu is an ideal location for promoters of Cryptocurrency businesses. Vanuatu offers a Financial Dealers License which covers all related cryptocurrency trading activity, including establishing a cryptocurrency exchange suitable for both utility and security tokens

Cryptocurrency License Experts

Finlaw is comprised of a cross-functional team of compliance and legal experts with over fifty year’s combined international business experience. Each member of our cross-border team of legal and compliance professionals brings their unique experience and perspective to each client engagement, creating tailored, wholistic solutions. While other international service providers promise a turnkey service replete with boilerplate deliverables, the legal and compliance professionals of FinLaw consistently deliver best-in-class results in the banking, corporate and offshore licensing arenas. Moreover, FinLaw’s strident commitment to FinTech at the core of its mission enhances the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of each client engagement while the firm’s recognized status in the RegTech field ensures ongoing compliance for each client in even the most complex of jurisdictions.

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