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Advantages of a Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

The cryptocurrency market is currently very profitable, with the average daily Bitcoin trading exceeding $20 billion. The top ten cryptocurrency exchanges are also proven to yield as much as $3 million per day. 

Though cryptocurrency is not accepted as legal tender in Estonia, the country recognizes it as a “value represented in digital form.” It is estimated that over 32,000 people in the small country currently own cryptocurrency. Additionally, Estonia has been at the forefront of securing the integrity of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market via a strict regulatory framework to minimize money laundering and other acts. 

Obtaining an Estonia cryptocurrency license provides the holder with the ability to operate a cryptocurrency exchange, and manage hosted cryptocurrency wallets, among other activities. 

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Estonia Cryptocurrency License Cost & Set-Up Fees

License Cryptocurrency License
Time to License 3 to 4 Months
Capital Requirement Approx. $2,500
Tax Structure Up to Twenty (20%) Percent
Economic Substance Yes
Local Director Yes
Audit Yes

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Why an Estonia Cryptocurrency License?

Though the smallest member of the European Union, Estonia is one of the most technologically advanced governments in the world. In fact, it was one of the first nations to enact a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency, which has encouraged crypto-related entrepreneurship and innovation.

Estonia is also home to many digital “unicorns” and, in 2019, was found to host 55% of the world’s registered virtual asset providers. As one of the most prominent jurisdictions for cryptocurrency, obtaining an Estonia cryptocurrency license could open a business up to a new profitable market.

Our Estonia Cryptocurrency License Package Includes :

The preparation and drafting of…

  • Establishment of Estonian entity
  • Shareholder and officer agreements
  • Narrative business plans
  • Current financial statements
  • Financial projections for three years
  • Personal financial statements for owners
  • Application with Estonia financial regulators
  • Responses to Estonia financial regulators
  • AML/KYC policies and procedures
  • Client agreements and disclosures
  • Identification and engagement of auditor and local representatives
  • Facilitation of creation of bank and trading accounts

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