Alderney Gambling License

Alderney is a British Crown dependency located in the Channel Islands. As part of Bailiwick of Guernsey, the small island nation benefits directly from Guernsey’s well-established reputation as an offshore financial services center. Guernsey’s corporate legal framework, adopted by Alderney, provides for zero tax on offshore corporate profits as well as capital gains. The small nation offers the very popular Alderney gambling license.

While only approximately three-square miles in size, Alderney is a formidable force in the international gaming space. Despite being a possession of the British crown, Alderney has established a robust, independent framework for obtaining an Alderney gambling license. As a result, some of the world’s largest offshore casinos and sportsbooks are located in Alderney.

Alderney is an ideal jurisdiction for obtaining an offshore gaming license. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has fostered a flexible framework for obtaining an online gaming license. While one of the more stringent jurisdictions, Alderney has maintained a solid reputation among both operators and players due to its robust legislation. In Alderney, there is no application fee required, but rather a £10,000 deposit which is later applied to the first year’s license operating fee. Moreover, applicants must establish a physical presence within Alderney inclusive of hosting servers.

Advantages of an Alderney Offshore Gambling License

The global gambling industry generates revenues in excess of $500 billion annually. The streamlined and cost-effective process of obtaining an Alderney gambling license can grant you access to this extremely lucrative market in a matter of mere months. As an increasing number of jurisdictions begin to legalize and regulate gambling, Alderney nevertheless remains a premier destination for obtain an offshore gaming license.

Alderney Gambling License at a Glance

 License Alderney Gambling License
 Time to License 3 to 4 Months
 Capital Requirement £47,500
 Tax Structure Zero (0%) Percent Tax on Income

The Alderney Gambling License Package

  • Incorporation of Alderney or comparable offshore corporation
  • Arrange for local registered officer, local director and local office
  • Draft corporate bylaws, minutes and owner share issuances
  • Establishment of corporate bank account suitable for gaming operations
  • Establishment of merchant service account for accepting credit and debit cards as well as electronic money and cryptocurrency
  • Draft requisite business plan, financial statements and financial projections
  • Draft requisite Anti-Money Laundering & Know-Your-Customer policies
  • Arrange for software providers, affiliate networks and local hosting and servers
  • Prepare and process application for Alderney Gambling License
  • Representation before licensing regulatory authority, banks and liquidity providers
  • Ongoing guidance on operational matters including license passporting

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