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Benefits of an Offshore Forex License

Many startups and entrepreneurs are drawn to the Forex industry and in particular, show interest in opening an online Forex brokerage, which, in most locations, requires a Forex Broker License or securities dealers license.

The opportunities for business in the Forex market are vast. An online Forex broker gives traders access to a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of different currencies. These transactions always take place between a ‘pair’ of currencies and traders seek to profit from fluctuations in value. This market which was once only available to professional or experienced traders is now available to all via online platforms and apps.

Obtaining an offshore forex license is your easy decision to make a profit in the financial industry quickly and easily. Now you can get a brokerage license forex or a license to exchange foreign currency and conduct a very profitable business in foreign exchange trading.
At the moment, more than a trillion US dollars is in the daily turnover of traders of foreign currencies. On the foreign exchange market, currencies jump every day, currencies are exchanged for others. Fluctuations in the value of one currency can be a profitable business for a lucky or calculating trader.

Advantages of Obtaining a Forex License

There are no requirements for the nationality of directors or owners


Simple requirements for identification

Fast approval and Low cost of license renewal

Forex License Areas of Expertise


Labuan Forex License

The Republic of Vanuatu is an ideal location for promoters of Forex businesses. Vanuatu offers a Money Broking License which covers all related forex activity, including both acting as an introducing broker and direct broker.


Cyprus Forex License

The Republic of Cyprus is a stable democracy and member of the European Union and the British Commonwealth. Since its entry into the European Union, Cyprus has dedicated considerable resources toward building a robust financial services sector.

Flag of Belize.svg

Belize Forex License

Belize has long been recognized as a tax haven, offering zero taxes on offshore profits. The country’s banking infrastructure is also popular among sophisticated professionals who find the relative privacy of Belize to be largely unrivaled. 

Flag of The Bahamas

The Bahamas Forex License

The Bahamas is an ideal location for promoters of Forex businesses. The Bahamas continues to be an attractive offshore jurisdiction today as it shed its previously well-earned reputation as a tax haven. However, The Bahamas nevertheless offers zero income tax and no tax on capital gains.


Vanuatu Forex License

As an offshore financial services center, the Republic of Vanuatu is widely respected and recognized. The nation boasts a no-tax regime on offshore profits and only a minimal stamp duty on domestic share transfers. As an asset protection haven, the island offers significant hurdles to affixing liability, including a restriction against the domestication of foreign judgments.

Flag Seychelles

Seychelles Forex License

The Seychelles are an independent democratic republic and established offshore financial center. Part of the British Commonwealth, the island nation is extraordinarily stable and boasts the highest per capita wealth in the African region. A carefully crafted financial services sector has catapulted the relatively small nation into a leading offshore destination.


Mauritius Forex License

Mauritius offers a Global Business License which covers all related forex activity, including both acting as an introducing broker and direct broker. The licensure is recognized worldwide and many top forex brokers are licensed in Mauritius.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Forex License

The British Virgin Islands continues to be attractive not only to asset managers but also to investors seeking favorable tax treatment and privacy. Corporate income tax has been abolished in the BVI and replaced with a withholding tax that applies only to entities earning domestic income.

Forex License Experts

Finlaw is comprised of a cross-functional team of compliance and legal experts with over fifty year’s combined international business experience. Each member of our cross-border team of legal and compliance professionals brings their unique experience and perspective to each client engagement, creating tailored, wholistic solutions. While other international service providers promise a turnkey service replete with boilerplate deliverables, the legal and compliance professionals of FinLaw consistently deliver best-in-class results in the banking, corporate and offshore licensing arenas. Moreover, FinLaw’s strident commitment to FinTech at the core of its mission enhances the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of each client engagement while the firm’s recognized status in the RegTech field ensures ongoing compliance for each client in even the most complex of jurisdictions.

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