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Hong Kong Asset Management License

Hong Kong is one of the largest single financial centers in the world. While not recognized as an offshore financial services center, Hong Kong remains one of the few jurisdictions in the world that levies tax on a territorial basis. That is, only income derived from or arising in Hong Kong is subject to taxation.

Given its status as an international hub for transshipment and re-export, there are over one million active Hong Kong corporations, despite its relatively small size. Many of these corporations serve as large multi-national corporations or subsidiaries thereof who reap the benefits of Hong Kong’s unique tax structure. Moreover, Hong Kong is known for the high sophistication of its banking and payments infrastructure, making it ideal for securities and commodities investment-related activities.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission is charged with oversight and the Securities and Futures Ordinance and, in turn, asset management activities. A Hong Kong Type 9 license allows the holder to engage in portfolio management activities on a discretionary basis, including hedge fund management. The streamlined, cost-effective process set forth by the Hong Kong SFC has made Hong Kong one of the premier jurisdictions for hedge fund and related account management.

Advantages of a Hong Kong Type 9 License

Since the advent of hedge funds in the 1970’s, asset managers have flocked to tax-advantaged jurisdictions to shelter their above-market gains from punitive tax rates in traditional jurisdictions such as the United States and United Kingdom. That trend has continued through today as sophisticated investors have come to expect often complex, private tax-neutral structures for their investments. As such, the Cayman Islands is a preferred jurisdiction for a registered investment fund.

Hong Kong Asset Management License

License Type 9 License
Time to License 5 to 6 Months
Capital Requirement HK 100,000
Tax Structure No Tax on Offshore Income
Economic Substance Yes
Local Director Yes
Audit Yes


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The Hong Kong Asset Management License Package

  • Establish Hong Kong private company limited by shares

  • Preparation and drafting of shareholder and officer agreements.

  • Preparation and drafting of narrative business plan.

  • Preparation and drafting of current financial statements.

  • Preparation and drafting of 3 years financial projections.

  • Preparation and drafting of personal financial statements for owners.

  • Preparation and submission of application with BVI Financial Services Commission.

  • Preparation and drafting of responses to regulatory authority

  • Identification and engagement of auditor and prime broker.

  • Facilitate opening of bank accounts and payment processors.

  • Preparation and drafting of AML/KYC policies and procedures.

  • Preparation and drafting of client agreements and disclosures.

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