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Wyoming Cryptocurrency Banking

Advantages of a Wyoming Cryptocurrency Bank License

Average daily trading in Bitcoin alone exceeds $20 billion. The streamlined and cost-effective process of obtaining your money service business registration in the United States license can place you in this lucrative market in as little as three months. As worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency increases, cryptocurrency exchanges are estimated to have taken in over $1 billion in profits last year alone. With increasingly complex cryptocurrency regulation in leading economic nations such as the United States and European Union, Wyoming offers a cost-effective, risk-free alternative for starting a licensed cryptocurrency bank.

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Wyoming Cryptocurrency Bank License Cost & Set-Up Fees

License Special Purpose Banking License
Time to License  6 to 7 Months
Capital Requirement Approx. $4,500,000 (Varies)
Tax Structure Prevailing US Tax Rates
Economic Substance No
Local Director No
Audit Yes

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Why Choose a Wyoming Cryptocurrency Banking License?

While one of the smallest in the United States by total population, Wyoming is undoubtedly the most progressive when it comes to the adoption and regulation of blockchain technologies. Since 2014, Wyoming has passed 15 specific articles of legislation aimed at attracting blockchain-related companies to the state. Wyoming also offers minimal franchise taxes and zero tax on corporate income. When compared to traditional states such as Delaware and Nevada, Wyoming provides superior privacy protection.

Most recently, Wyoming has ensured its banking environment is cryptocurrency-friendly. The Special Purpose Banking Institution was created to stimulate the commercial banking industry. The first banking structure of its kind in the United States, the Wyoming cryptocurrency bank provides a unique opportunity to leverage an untapped marketplace.

Wyoming is now the de-facto cryptocurrency capital of the United States, prompting many international corporations to choose Wyoming to establish their U.S.-based subsidiary. Average daily trading in Bitcoin alone exceeds $20 billion. The easiest, most cost-effective way to join this market is by applying for a Wyoming banking license.  

As worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency increases, the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges are proven to yield as much as $3 million per day. And with increasingly complex cryptocurrency regulations in leading markets such as the United States and European Union, Wyoming offers a cost-effective, lower-risk alternative.

Our Wyoming SPDI License Package 

Includes preparation and drafting of…


  • Formation of Wyoming business corporation
  • Shareholder and officer agreements
  • Narrative business plans
  • Five-year financial projections
  • Current financial statements
  • Personal financial statements for owners
  • Letters naming principal representative and auditor
  • Required bank charter and prospectus
  • Application with Wyoming Division of Banking
  • Responses to DOB application inquiries
  • Preparation and drafting of policy agreements and related documents
  • The facilitation and consummation of bankcard relationship with Visa and Mastercard
  • The facilitation and consummation of IBAN/SWIFT and corresponding bank relationship
  • Required physical presence and local director
  • Bank deposit, loans, and related agreement

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