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Advantages of a Cryptocurrency License in Singapore

As of 2022, the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges yield as much as $3 million per day in profits, according to Bloomberg. And, as the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency increases, trading revenue reached over $20 billion in 2021, making it an advantageous time to join the marke. Unlike the highly-regulated, complex U.S. and EU markets, Singapore offers a cost-effective, lower-risk alternative for starting a licensed cryptocurrency exchange or broker-dealer.


Singapore Cryptocurrency License Cost & Set-Up Fees

License Class F Payment Institution
Time to License 1 to 2 Months
Capital Requirement Varies
Tax Structure Zero (%) Percent Tax on Offshore Profits
Economic Substance Yes
Local Director Yes
Audit Yes

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Why a Singapore Cryptocurrency License?

Singapore is a parliamentary republic and major financial hub in Southeast Asia. Its highly-developed, free-market economy is known worldwide for its business-friendly climate. For these reasons, businesses in regulated industries have long flocked to Singapore — particularly in the financial, cryptocurrency, and payments fields.
As a major onshore financial services center, Singapore is both widely respected and recognized. The nation boasts a low tax regime on domestic and offshore profits and undertakes a reasonable approach to regulatory fees.
When obtaining a crypto license in Singapore, it’s important to note that blockchain professionals hold a regulatory license here in high regard. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is charged with supervision and enforcement of its Class F Payment Institution License and has been very successful in attracting both high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges and Initial Coin Offerings.

Given its location in the Caribbean and recent economic challenges, Puerto Rican government has sought to enact legislation to encourage the development of an offshore financial services center. This includes certain tax benefits, including rates as low as four percent on corporate taxes and tax holidays for certain expatriates.

Most recently, Puerto Rico passed Act 273, which established international financial entities and an associated international banking license. While not technically “offshore”, Puerto Rico is an ideal jurisdiction for the establishment of an international offshore bank. Puerto Rico’s International Financial Entity license grants the holder broad banking powers at a competitive tax rate of four percent of profits, as well as easy access to the United States banking system.

The licensure, while only recently passed, spurred the growth of offshore banking in Puerto Rico, with over 25 offshore banks established in 2018.

Our Singapore Cryptocurrency License Package

Includes the preparation and drafting of :



  • Establishing a private limited company in Singapore

  • Shareholder and officer agreements

  • Narrative business plan

  • Current financial statements

  • Financial projections over three years

  • Personal financial statements for owners

  • Application with Singapore FSC

  • Responses to Singapore FSC

  • Identification and engagement of auditor and local representative

  • Opening of bank accounts and trading accounts

  • AML/KYC policies and procedures

  • Client agreements and disclosures

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