Team - Finlaw


About Us

FinLaw is comprised of a cross-functional team of compliance and legal experts with over fifty year’s combined international business experience. Each member of our cross-border team of legal and compliance professionals brings their unique experience and perspective to each client engagement, creating tailored, wholistic solutions. While other international service providers promise a turnkey service replete with boilerplate deliverables, the legal and compliance professionals of FinLaw consistently deliver best-in-class results in the banking, corporate and offshore licensing arenas. Moreover, FinLaw’s strident commitment to FinTech at the core of its mission enhances the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of each client engagement while the firm’s recognized status in the RegTech field ensures ongoing compliance for each client in even the most complex of jurisdictions.


General Counsel

Director – Compliance
Ekaterina Aleksandrova
Director – Government Relations
Marina Tomnikov
Director – Client Relations
Katrazyna Zawadzki
Client Coordinator – Europe/Asia
Mariana Ferreira
Client Coordinator – Americas/Oceania
Elena Gonzalez
Client Coordinator – United States
Mary Desmond
Agnesa Janulis

Representative Clients

As a leader in the fintech professional services field, Finlaw has had the opportunity to collaborate with thought-leading organizations and has had its work published in leading publications.